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Physicists can’t solve nothing

From the opening section of a book on the many-body problem: “It might be noted here, for the benefit of those interested in exact solutions, that there is an alternative formulation of the many-body problem, i.e., how many bodies are … Continue reading

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The Cult of Statistical Significance: Reader Recommended in Research Review’s Review

I have occasionally reviewed research here (shocking, I know, given this blog’s title), but seldom recommended anybody actually buy any. All that is about to change in this edge-of-your-seat suspenseful thriller story of love, lost, and learning (without the first … Continue reading

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The Real Scientific Method

I might have to edit this or add another post once I am able to describe the specific study that inspired this post. However, were the problem mainly about that study, I wouldn’t be posting anything. In other words, the … Continue reading

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Science and the Scientific Method

Why are we teaching “science” to students from pre-college to graduate courses that doesn’t reflect good science practices, science methods, or the nature of the scientific inquiry? Because despite calls for reform (at least in the US) for the past … Continue reading

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