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A Cosmic Computer?

In both popular and technical literature in subjects such as cosmology or theoretical physics, one can often find authors referring to the universe as a “computer”. I have found, however, that frequently non-specialists (including, sometimes, authors of popular literature) are … Continue reading

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Multi-worlds and many-universes: On the universes of the multiverse

As I just addressed dimensions in physics, it seems natural to address universes next. Like misinterpretations of dimensions, people frequently conceptualize a multiverse with alternate universes that are essentially “higher dimensions” in the mystical/spiritual sense, science fiction writers imagine travelling to other … Continue reading

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Quantum Quotes

I was going through some old files of mine and found a document with quotes from famous physicists on quantum mechanics. While the quotes were all interesting, they were not exactly scientific or at least were free of scientific context, … Continue reading

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The best source to really understand the heart of quantum mechanics (and why I get to embed a video clip!)

The Recommended but can be skimmed Part: When it comes to the sciences (or academia, really) I think it’s fair to say that most people are mostly uninterested in most fields. Put more concretely, there aren’t a lot of people … Continue reading

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Infinity: Paradoxes in logic, math, physics, and blog posts

I would like to be somewhat less than infinitely boring. So I have no intentions of referring to limits at infinity from calculus, or infinite divisibility of some unit of distance or time. I would like to bring something new … Continue reading

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Why Physists Lie: The Language of Physics

In every academic field, an absolutely essential component is to create a set of “technical terms” (i.e., jargon) so that those outside the field don’t understand what you are saying but you still sound impressive. Physicists, however, have been faking … Continue reading

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Are there laws of physics?

Among all academic disciplines, the sciences have a reputation for being cutting-edge. A classical historian who demonstrates intimate familiarity with 18th & 19th century French, Italian, and German scholarship is considered impressive. A philosopher not familiar with the work of … Continue reading

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