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A note on nature of spacetime dimensions (and more!)

If there are more than three dimensions, can I get there by meditating? I’ve often heard people fascinated by the idea that reality is actually 4-dimensional, or that physics beyond the standard model proposes that there really are 10-dimensions (or … Continue reading

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Mathematics Education Reserch or Why the real numbers are not as simple as they appear (with a quiz)

Mathematics research is interesting even if largely inaccessible (in fact, often a mathematician will have trouble with research in a field of mathematics too different from her or his own). Research in mathematics education is not very interesting, but is … Continue reading

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Demonstrating disconnections with connectedness: How some sciences are more equal than others

There’s a long contested divide between “hard” and “soft” sciences. For the most part, this divide was always artificial and has become increasingly obviously baseless thanks largely to the interdisciplinary nature of modern fields in the sciences (and other academic … Continue reading

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