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Comment on “One Cheer for Null Hypothesis Significance Testing”

After expressing his bafflement at the “surprisingly adamant…opposition” by many to null hypothesis significance testing (NHST), Wainer attempts to demonstrate the efficacy of NHST when used correctly. In “One Cheer for Null Hypothesis Significance Testing” (Psychological Methods), Wainer’s argument is based … Continue reading

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Quantum Quotes

I was going through some old files of mine and found a document with quotes from famous physicists on quantum mechanics. While the quotes were all interesting, they were not exactly scientific or at least were free of scientific context, … Continue reading

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Why Physists Lie: The Language of Physics

In every academic field, an absolutely essential component is to create a set of “technical terms” (i.e., jargon) so that those outside the field don’t understand what you are saying but you still sound impressive. Physicists, however, have been faking … Continue reading

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Are there laws of physics?

Among all academic disciplines, the sciences have a reputation for being cutting-edge. A classical historian who demonstrates intimate familiarity with 18th & 19th century French, Italian, and German scholarship is considered impressive. A philosopher not familiar with the work of … Continue reading

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