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Physicists can’t solve nothing

From the opening section of a book on the many-body problem: “It might be noted here, for the benefit of those interested in exact solutions, that there is an alternative formulation of the many-body problem, i.e., how many bodies are … Continue reading

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A note on nature of spacetime dimensions (and more!)

If there are more than three dimensions, can I get there by meditating? I’ve often heard people fascinated by the idea that reality is actually 4-dimensional, or that physics beyond the standard model proposes that there really are 10-dimensions (or … Continue reading

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Was Einstein good at math?

How to evaluate diverging sources and why it is important: There is a widely held notion that Einstein was bad at math, or flunked math, or that “every boy in the streets of Gottingen understands more about four dimensional geometry … Continue reading

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The following is from: Körner, T. W. (2004). A Companion to Analysis: A Second First and First Second Course in Analysis (Graduate Studies in Mathematics Vol. 62). American Mathematical Society. On the first page of the first chapter, the author … Continue reading

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Do researchers understand their own explanations?

Have you ever been asked to fill out a survey that included some statement (e.g., “I experience back pain”, “I have difficulty concentrating”, “I write blogs nobody in their right mind would read”, etc.) and an “ordered” set of responses … Continue reading

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Answers: Part II

Here I will go over all the answers to the questions posed in the post immediately prior to “Answers: Part I”, including the answer covered in “Answers: Part I”. The first question contains much that is relevant to all the … Continue reading

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Answers Part I

So my previous post asked some questions. I want to give the billions of people who read this blog a few days to provide answers rather than just give them away, but I feel it is unfair to simply wait … Continue reading

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