Photons aren’t real (but virtual photons are!)

Research Reviews

My concern here is mainly with the paper

Kastner, R. E. (2014). On Real and Virtual Photons in the Davies Theory of Time-Symmetric Quantum Electrodynamics. Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics, 11(30).

I should say at the outset that the sensationalist title of this post is to compensate for a corresponding lack of sensationalism in the post, and should not be interpreted as a disparaging (or even negative) view of Kastner’s article. I may not be a proponent of transactional interpretations of quantum physics, but neither am I a detractor (and I certainly find it more plausible than multiverse-type interpretations). Before discussing photons and virtual photons, I need to briefly explain the “Possibilist Transactional Interpretation” (PTI). This is Kastner’s own version of the “Transactional Interpretation” (TI) put forward by Dr. John G. Cramer in the 80s. Luckily, this means that there already exists sufficiently simple and concise summaries of…

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