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I was asked to start a blog by several individuals and only decided to do so because I was constantly bombarded by questions or references (via email, phone, face-to-face, discussion boards, etc.) concerning articles in popular media about science research. … Continue reading

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Review of “Anthropic Bias Observation Selection Effects in Science and Philosophy”

I’m going to do the unthinkable: on a site entitled Research Reviews, I’ll actually be reviewing some research! Before you die of shock, let me assure you that I will not be reviewing what generally comes to mind when people … Continue reading

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Dictionaries don’t define words, and words don’t really make up language

There are many academic topics which most people not in a related field know little or nothing of. There are others, such as astronomy, quantum physics, climate science, brain sciences, etc., that are interesting enough to be discussed (mostly inaccurately) … Continue reading

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Multi-worlds and many-universes: On the universes of the multiverse

As I just addressed dimensions in physics, it seems natural to address universes next. Like misinterpretations of dimensions, people frequently conceptualize a multiverse with alternate universes that are essentially “higher dimensions” in the mystical/spiritual sense, science fiction writers imagine travelling to other … Continue reading

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A note on nature of spacetime dimensions (and more!)

If there are more than three dimensions, can I get there by meditating? I’ve often heard people fascinated by the idea that reality is actually 4-dimensional, or that physics beyond the standard model proposes that there really are 10-dimensions (or … Continue reading

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Movie Trivia: 300

You may wonder how movie trivia “fits” the nature of this blog. Clearly, you haven’t read much of it because even I can’t figure out the nature of this blog, but one thing I know is that a lot of … Continue reading

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Was Einstein good at math?

How to evaluate diverging sources and why it is important: There is a widely held notion that Einstein was bad at math, or flunked math, or that “every boy in the streets of Gottingen understands more about four dimensional geometry … Continue reading

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