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Answers: Part II

Here I will go over all the answers to the questions posed in the post immediately prior to “Answers: Part I”, including the answer covered in “Answers: Part I”. The first question contains much that is relevant to all the … Continue reading

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Answers Part I

So my previous post asked some questions. I want to give the billions of people who read this blog a few days to provide answers rather than just give them away, but I feel it is unfair to simply wait … Continue reading

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Mathematics Education Reserch or Why the real numbers are not as simple as they appear (with a quiz)

Mathematics research is interesting even if largely inaccessible (in fact, often a mathematician will have trouble with research in a field of mathematics too different from her or his own). Research in mathematics education is not very interesting, but is … Continue reading

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Logic and Reason: How scientific reasoning doesn’t come naturally

One of the interesting things I came across as an undergrad was research in psychology on when and why natural human reasoning abilities work against, rather than for us, or how we are not inclined to think as rationally as … Continue reading

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Quantum Quotes

I was going through some old files of mine and found a document with quotes from famous physicists on quantum mechanics. While the quotes were all interesting, they were not exactly scientific or at least were free of scientific context, … Continue reading

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Chaos Theory: Neither Chaos, Nor a Theory

It’s no surprise that people who have never taken physics have heard of quantum mechanics (indeed, have heard phrases like “the [or Heisenberg’s] uncertainty principle” and “wave-particle duality), that people who’ve never written a line of computer code have heard … Continue reading

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