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Carrier’s Historiography: Why we may have reason to doubt it’s utilitity (Part II)

Now we get to the good stuff: Bayes’ Theorem, Bayesian inference, and probability. A key issue that runs through both On the Historicity of Jesus and Dr. Carrier’s previous book Proving History is the confusion between Bayes’ Theorem (BT) and … Continue reading

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Dr. Richard Carrier’s Hypotheses on the Historicity of Jesus

No, I’m not just writing this to pick on Dr. Richard Carrier (that’s just a perk; anybody who thinks they can resolve a ~300 year debate in the mathematics community in a book on historical methods is either just about … Continue reading

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Infinity: Paradoxes in logic, math, physics, and blog posts

I would like to be somewhat less than infinitely boring. So I have no intentions of referring to limits at infinity from calculus, or infinite divisibility of some unit of distance or time. I would like to bring something new … Continue reading

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Why this isn’t a review of The Cult of Statistical Significance

So I was writing a review of The Cult of Statistical Significance: How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and Lives, but alas Ziliak & McCloskey have (unsurprisingly) made the task more difficult by making their book important even … Continue reading

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What is statistical significance?

A majority of research papers mention statistical significance. The title of this post suggests that I am going to address what that is. I’m not (mainly because the answer is almost inevitably “nothing important”, but also because I am an … Continue reading

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Philosophy, Morality, & Nolan’s Batman Trilogy: Evil, Ledger’s Joker, & Hardy’s Bane

Something I wrote was read by somebody in some form and I was asked to write a paper on it. I cowardly declined, despite being interested in the project. So, like a coward, rather than write the paper I have … Continue reading

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A statistically signficant post

I’m going to do something I don’t think I’ve yet done in all my numerous posts (read “exceptionally small due to laziness and low attention span”). I’m going to talk about a specific, published, peer-reviewed study, and I’m going to say … Continue reading

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