What do climate scientists say when there are no journalists around?

Despite this blog’s title, a lot of the posts are not so much reviews of specific research as they are attempts to bridge the divide between the world of scientists and the conception of that world by those who aren’t scientists. I’ve talked about journals, peer-review, and various other ways by which scientists communicate. But a lot of communication between scientists, including the presentation of research findings, is never published. And often even when a paper is published, it is based upon some presentation or talk at some seminar or conference. So I though it might be interesting to show this side of scientific research. Of course, most of these seminars/conferences are designed for experts and concern topics that are boring to most, not to mention inaccessible (i.e., presentations on advanced topics in theoretical physics or mathematics or others that require extensive background knowledge to understand). So I went with climate science, as it is a social & political issue, not just a scientific field. I also deliberately chose one clip that is provocatively titled and deliberately made gave this post a provocative title, just to add extra incentive. But the point is to see one of the most common ways in which scientists communicate and contributions to scientific fields are made.

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