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Where does research come from?

Part I: Not Your Primary School Labs It is practically impossible to avoid all exposure to reports about research whether from a 24-hour news channel or a magazine in your Dr.’s office you read out of boredom. A theme of … Continue reading

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Probably Not – A Fine-Tuned Critique of Richard Carrier (Part 1)

Originally posted on Letters to Nature:
After a brief back and forth in a comments section, I was encouraged by Dr Carrier to read his essay “Neither Life nor the Universe Appear Intelligently Designed”. I am assured that the title…

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Scientists cure dental anxiety- or not

According to a UK’s Sunday Express report (“Scientists cure phobia of dentists – by sending tiny electrical currents into the brain”), “MILLIONS of people could be cured of their fear of dental surgeries with the help of electrotherapy”. Amazing! Or … Continue reading

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A Mathematical Review of “Proving History” by Richard Carrier

Originally posted on Irreducible Complexity:
Carrier, Richard. Proving History: Bayes’s Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus. Prometheus Books, 2012. This is a review of Carrier’s book from purely a mathematical perspective, the historical merit has been reviewed elsewhere.…

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“Misrepresentation,” “reckless disregard for basic scientific standards”: Hauser report reveals details of misconduct

Originally posted on Retraction Watch:
Courtesy of a Freedom of Information Act request, The Boston Globe has a very good piece detailing what investigators found had actually happened in the Marc Hauser lab before the former Harvard psychology researcher resigned…

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What are graduate statistics and research methods courses teaching?

Boston College is a great university. So why do we find the graduate level multivariate statistics course Sociology 703 using, as “the” required text , the textbook Statistics and Data Analysis for Nursing Research? Because sociologists are so akin to … Continue reading

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